Prof. Balaram Pani

Chairperson, Standing Committee
Dean of Colleges,
University of Delhi

Chairperson, Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board

University of Delhi

Education plays an extremely important role in a person’s life and helps in preparing committed citizens and competent professionals. This was relevant in the past and remains relevant today. Realizing the importance of women’s education and with the idea of empowering them, Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) was established in 1943. With a humble beginning in September, 1944 with only 3 students; NCWEB has grown tremendously to the present annual enrolment of over 32,000 women students residing in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. NCWEB provides a unique unconventional education program where teaching is being arranged on Saturday/Sunday and academic breaks allowing women students to follow other vocations during the remaining five working days. NCWEB was founded with a vision to empower women, continues to strive to help its students to develop a capacity to think, lead and change the world. I extend my heartfelt wishes to the dear students of NCWEB and wish them every success in the years to come!!