Prof. Geeta Bhatt,
Director, NCWEB
University of Delhi

When a girl ignores external objects and develops foresight and vibrant attitude through power of knowledge, she becomes provider of wealth of skies and earth                                                                                                                       –Atharvaveda 14.1.6

Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) has been silently contributing towards empowerment of women through education since 1944. At that time, the idea was to provide a platform to girl students to take examination with special coaching without attending regular classes.

Over the years, this gave shape to an institution which provided for the needs of educating girls who were in a disadvantageous position to attend regular classes in colleges. NCWEB is in a unique disposition to endow those who have the potential to change and give thrust to socioeconomic development in the society through education. NCWEB is a constituent part of University of Delhi.

This institution has an arrangement where the girl students attend classes during Saturday / Sunday and academic breaks across the twenty-six Centres being run in the constituent colleges of University of Delhi for undergraduate courses and for post graduate courses, at the NCWEB Centre respectively. These Centres provide for library and other facilities besides utilizing the existing resources and infrastructure of the colleges. The Postgraduate Centre has a library located in the Arts Faculty Building, University of Delhi. The Board also gives financial aid and book loan facility to the needy and desirous students. At present, nearly 31,000 girl students are studying in the institution.

Many among those who have studied in this institution have not only stood on their own but have also been pillar of strength to their families. This institution is dedicated to the cause of nation building by empowering those who play a pivotal role in molding the society through education.